Google’s Now on Tap Service Is Adding Near-Instant Translation

Google's Now on Tap Service Is AddingNear-Instant Translation

Google’s Now on Tap Service Is Adding Near-Instant TranslationGoogle’s Now on Tap Service Is Adding Near-Instant Translation

Google has been perfecting its translation services for some time and now offers integration with Google Now on Tap. This Android service already provides users with contextual information. Now it will be able to translate the content when required. For people who consider Google Now on Tap to be a premier personal digital assistant, the new functionality helps them to go even further.

One impressive aspect of Google Now on Tap is its extensive use of automation to save time. Automatically translating text when it’s helpful enhances the functionality, making the program even more useful. Over time, it seems likely that this feature will be able to advise people on a myriad of topics. For anyone who is on the go and is relying on their mobile device for guidance, that’s a boon!

Add Translation to a Growing List of Google Now on Tap Features

Android is a favorite with a huge audience, and the improvements in Google Now on Tap are likely to ensure that popularity continues. People are relying more heavily than ever on smart mobile-enabled devices to guide their decisions, and Android is a huge part of that. One of the biggest advantages Android has is that it’s fast at informational retrieval. When you’re in the field, you don’t want to wait for an answer. Near-instant translation is one more example of how this feature is improving mobile communications.

It’s Like Growing a Second Set of Eyes!

Google Now on Tap is like having a second set of digital eyes to scan information. As you check your email or do other important tasks on your Android device, this feature gathers pertinent information for you. This extra data helps you make informed decisions in a split second, exactly like you have to do in the real world! The feature can’t quite read your mind yet, but give Google time and it might.

As always, the technology may not always perform correctly. You’ll still need to perform reality checks because you’re dealing with a machine. All in all, though, the added benefits of translation and other helpful tools makes it all worthwhile. You can expect that Google will continue to promote this feature and upgrade it because it differentiates their service from others. That means you’ll have a set of robust tools at your fingertips at all times! This feature is sure to please you.

Phil Shawe is an Entrepreneur based in New York.


Author: Phil Shawe

Phil Shawe is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of TransPerfect, a global family of companies and the world’s largest privately held provider of language and business services.

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